Sunday, October 6, 2013

Laying Low

Today I've barely moved off the sofa. I've been very fatigued the entire day.

I tried to do a house project: install ceiling hooks in The Progenies' bedrooms. Even just using a stud finder for a couple of minutes while craning my neck was exhausting.

The other day I started estimating my energy level compared to pre-cancer normal. Today I'd put it at about 10%. I think on my best days yet it hasn't surpassed 40%, maybe even lower. I can't yet imagine doing anything that might resemble a workout. I can't even imagine running a short distance at the moment.

In the best of all possible worlds today's fatigue would be due to me finally having the last battle with the sinus infection. As always, I'm hopeful but not necessarily confident. This is day four of the seven day course. So far I'm tolerating the antibiotic just fine.

I have to take this one four times a day so I feel like I spend my entire day timing my fluids, food and drugs. The instructions say to take it with or without food but I ain't gonna try it on an empty stomach.

Part of today's fatigue could be due to a disturbed night of sleep last night. I've been taking Adavan before bed every night to quiet my mind but last night I didn't take it to see if I could fall and stay asleep unassisted. The answer is no. I guess I'll just keep taking it until the sinus infection is gone.

Last night I had one of those dreams that runs all night even through getting up to pee. I can't remember the details now but it had to do with extreme thirst.

I don't understand the hydration situation at all. In a normal pre-cancer day I would have a small glass of orange juice with breakfast, a diet soda with lunch, a few cups of water at work during the day and a glass of something with dinner. It wouldn't add up to all that much. These days I'm putting in 1-1.5 liters of gatorade plus one or two 12oz glasses of Juven (recovery drink) plus all of my food is liquid. Yet I still often feel dehydrated and get dizzy when standing. I'm peeing often enough and my urine is not dark.

I just don't get it.

As for eating? I still have the bad taste in my mouth full time. I try to take a bit of something every day to see if it's tolerable but it hasn't been so far. So I'm getting all my food via my tube. At least I'm doing well at getting 2000 calories per day. My weight is holding steady.

So. Energy level very low today. I'm looking forward to more of those energetic days again sometime soon.

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