Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Inadvisable Plan

Today's image is a graph of my weight for the past year (click on the picture to embiggen). You can see that I've discovered a very effective weight loss technique. But I don't advise that you try it.

My weight was pretty consistent for years, remaining between 174-178 pounds most of the time with an occasional foray to 180 (at which time alarm bells would sound and in a day or two I'd be back below 178). For my height, 175 is the boundary between "normal" and "overweight" body mass index (BMI).

A more ideal weight for me would be in the mid 160's. I got there once by dieting ten years ago but I had to give up too many foods I liked to do it and slowly drifted back up to my "normal" weight.

Cancer, or more accurately cancer treatment, dropped me right through that zone. I bottomed out just above 150.

This morning I weighed 155.6.

I've put back on a few pounds, slowly.

We'll see what happens as I continue to recover. I have heard several stories of people who are permanently lighter after head and neck cancer (that's the general class in which tongue cancer resides). Because of their changed taste and saliva they don't find as much pleasure in food and therefore don't eat as much.

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