Thursday, May 5, 2016

Excuse Me

Hi there!

Yup, I'm still here.

As a friend said the other day, "I assume that since you aren't posting much on Cancer Fun Time! you are enjoying Wellness Fun Time!"

Indeed I am.

But here's a funny post-cancer thing.

Long time readers know that among the permanent side effects of my treatment is a dry mouth due to radiation damage to my saliva glands. I'd estimate I have maybe 30-40% of normal saliva amount.

That has several downstream effects, including the need for extra liquid when I eat and probably bad breath that no one tells me about.

It also means that I usually have a plug of mucous in my throat because it isn't being constantly rinsed by saliva. So I cough more often than normal (which fellow subway riders don't appreciate), and I also clear my throat a lot.

I clear my throat so often that I do it unconsciously. Several times now I've done it while walking behind one or more people on the sidewalk, and they have interpreted my throat clearing as a request to pass them and they've stepped aside.

The first time I sort of tried to tell them as I passed that I wasn't signalling them.

But now I just chuckle a little to myself and go on my way.