Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two Years

Two years ago today I went to see my primary care doctor, Doctor W, because I had the sensation of a lump in my throat when I swallowed.

I had given it a month to go away. Then I stalled for another month before I finally made an appointment.

I had no idea that rather than a routine visit it was the start of an adventure.

That feels like a very long time ago.

If you know me, you know I’m a pretty optimistic person. But I think life might be even better now than it was before cancer.

I feel joy even more than I did before; both more often and more intensely.

I tear up regularly when I encounter beauty. And I see a lot more beauty.

I perform more acts of kindness.

I frequently text or tell Wonderful Wife, “I am happy today.”

Last weekend we took the dog to some special woods for a long walk and a picnic. Wonderful Wife and Progeny the Younger backtracked to retrieve a forgotten item, leaving Progeny the Elder and me lying on the picnic blanket in the sun in a huge meadow of brilliant green grass.

I asked her, “Do you want to know what I’m thinking right now?”


“I’m feeling very grateful that I am still here and that I get to continue being your Dad.”

Here’s to survival. Happy Anniversary to me.