Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to Work!

I went back to work last Thursday!

I'd started to get pretty bored at home on days that I felt good, and I've been gone from work too long. It was finally time to go back.

Wonderful Wife was attending an activity downtown for three hours, so she dropped me off and picked me up. That way I didn't need to take any public transit.

I knew the first time back would be mostly social. I was actually afraid I would cry when people greeted me but I managed not to. People were so happy to see me, and especially to see me looking well. Hugs all around. It was touching.

I went back for four hours yesterday and again for a little more than four hours today. And in lieu of the recovery walks I've been taking with Wonderful Wife, today I walked from work to the train station on the way home - a twenty minute walk along the waterfront.

I've been tired after these excursions, but it also feels great to have that big dose of normalcy back in my life.

I plan to work back up to full time slowly. I am feeling a lot stronger than even two weeks ago, but I don't want to overdo it and have a big setback.

Today over lunch with coworkers I learned of a project that can use my help, so that will give me a way to re-engage.

Big milestone.

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