Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays

Sheesh, it's been a while.

I haven't had too many deep thoughts to share with you, lately.

The photo shows the product of my latest haircut. My scalp hair has really come back. In fact, it seems darker and thicker than before cancer treatment.

And it also looks like if I let it grow more than half an inch it might even have some curl to it!

Up close, my scalp looks to me like the close-up photos of hair transplant results from Bosley.

During and after treatment my hair almost stopped growing. And it thinned out quite a bit. When we would cut it back in August and September the trimmings were minimal.

We've been enjoying the holidays. Mostly laying low and relaxing.

I always have at least a week and a half off at the holidays, sometimes more. I always have ambitious plans during the break. I like to learn something (how to program iPhone apps in 2010) or build something (helium balloon aerial camera in 2011).

This year I also had big plans, but I just don't have energy.

I keep telling myself to chill - that it's OK to just rest.

I think I mentioned before that my body temperature regulation is completely different now than it was before cancer treatment. I used to never feel cold, even in our drafty 113-year-old house in the winter. But now I am cold much of the time. So my favorite Christmas gifts from Wonderful Wife were two pair or fleece pants and an electric blanket for our bed.

Getting into a pre-warmed bed at night is heaven.

We've been sleeping until 9:30, which is pretty unheard of for me.

I'm still feeling slightly depressed. Getting out helps. The Progeny love to just hang out at home during the holiday break and play the new video games they got for Christmas, but I get cabin fever. If no one else is interested, I go out for errands by myself and enjoy it.

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