Saturday, December 28, 2013

Final Bill Tally

I finally got around to catching up on the medical billings.

This is essentially the final tally. I'll have a few ongoing expenses for surveillance, but this covers all of treatment and related expenses such as the IV stand rental for tube feeding, the tube feeding supplies, swallowing therapy, etc.

The Grand Total:

Billed Allowed by Insurance Paid by Insurance Paid by Me
$355,539.08 $128,013.95 $125,319.35 $2,695.00

Thank goodness for insurance, eh?

I have updated the Medical Bills link in the sidebar (only visible in a full browser). Here's the direct link.

This tally doesn't include parking. That ranged from $7-12 per day depending on how long we were at Dana-Farber, and we were there at least 50 days. It also doesn't include prescriptions. We pay a maximum of $10 for any prescription, but I had a lot of them. I'll tally those costs at some point because I'm curious. Together those expenses will add another several hundred dollars at least.

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