Sunday, September 1, 2013

Here Are My Digits

The patient gateway that Dana Farber uses conveniently makes available all of my lab results along with a bunch of other information. For a while I have been wanting to extract that data and show the changes in my blood measurements over time.

Yesterday Big Sister reminded me that the reason my sinus infection is resolving so slowly and I have thrush again is that I am still immune compromised. The high dose Cisplatin did serious damage to my bone marrow and it will take time to rebuild and start producing white blood cells again. White blood cells are the effectors of the immune system.

That conversation prompted me to go look at the numbers and sure enough, my white counts are pretty low. I have to remember that and be careful to wash my hands after being in public, etc. It also means I shouldn't attempt to ride the subway to work any time soon.

This morning I spent a couple of hours extracting the data and putting it in a spreadsheet, which you can see here. The pink color indicates a measurement is outside the normal range. The normal range is shown in the 2nd and 3rd columns.

I've also added a "Labs" link to the right side navigation bar that you can see if you are viewing the blog in a full-sized browser. I'll try to keep the spreadsheet up to date.

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