Wednesday, September 18, 2013


On Sunday morning the last of our family support team, Wonderful Wife's parents, departed. I was very sad to see them go.

We had such wonderful support from family during this experience. First Big Sister visited for a couple of weeks, then Little Sister for three weeks, then Los Parentes for a bit and finally Los Inlaws. We had non-stop coverage from Big Sister's arrival on July 9 until Los Inlaws left on September 15.

Los Inlaws stayed a little longer than expected because the universe had to throw another curve ball at us.

Several weeks ago Wonderful Wife went in for a routine mammogram and it came up suspicious. The follow-up a few days later with ultrasound did not clear up the suspicion, and a biopsy was scheduled for a week and a half later. That biopsy was last week. The next day we learned that the results were negative - all clear. Los Inlaws stayed until that very unwelcome cloud was removed.


I am so grateful for all the time and expense my family spent to come and help take care of me and support the family through this process. Their help was very much needed. The extra emotional support really helped me.

I don't feel like these words come close to expressing my gratitude, but they'll have to do.

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