Thursday, August 1, 2013

Virtual Hiccups

One of the side effects of the post-chemo anti-nausea drugs is that I'm very prone to hiccups. Any sudden movement will trigger them.

However, I discovered yesterday that if, immediately after the first hiccup, I stand or sit very still and calm my breathing I can suppress them.

The weird part is I will feel from one to three "virtual" hiccups. It's like a wave of sensation that travels from my diaphragm to my head with the same frequency as real hiccups would. I thought it was completely mental, but I noticed that if my environment is quiet when I do this I actually hear a little rush in my ears when the wave reaches my head.

I've probably experienced 30-40 triggers today and I have been able to avoid the hiccups every time. It's a big relief not to have to endure them once they get established.

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