Monday, August 19, 2013

Tracker Keeper Evolution

In a comment on "Que Fatique?", Friend Ark asked how I keep track of when to take all the medications and food, etc. He wondered if I use alarms on my phone.

I started out using alarms for various drugs but found it too complex to manage them all. Now I only use timers for short term things like "eat 30 minutes from now."

For everything else I use the paper spreadsheet I originally showed you in a post titled "Tracker Keeper"

I have modified the spreadsheet multiple times through the course of treatment to make it more mnemonic or to add and remove things that are no longer relevant. I also use it to note events I want to remember to report to my doctors such as vomiting episodes.

It works pretty well. The one thing I should probably use a timer for is Tussin, the expectorant that thins the mucous. I'm supposed to take it every four hours and I come pretty close, but sometimes it'll slip to 6 or 7 hours. It really does make a difference in the thickness of the mucous.

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  1. So I was running with a friend who happens to be a dentist and talking about your blog describing what you're going through. How are your teeth holding up?