Monday, July 8, 2013

The Cavalry Has Arrived

Big Sister (remember she works in cancer care) told us from the get go that we should not try to get through my treatment on our own. We would need help, or Wonderful Wife would get way too stressed out trying to both care for me full time (as I get sicker) and run the household and mother the kids, etc.

We agreed.

Our families have worked out a schedule so that one or more family members will be with us from today through to a couple of weeks after treatment ends.

Phase 1 began this morning with the arrival of Big Sister. She's going to stay a couple of weeks, then Little Sister will come, then Los Parentes and finally Wonderful Wife's Wonderful Parents (they're going to need a pseudonym).

It's great to have Big Sister here. A side benefit is that The Progeny never get enough time with their aunts and this will give them plenty of it.

So it's been a doubly good day: discovery of a new medicinal tool plus help and good company.

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