Friday, July 26, 2013

Mucous Mitigation

Mucous management is much improved.

Last night I did the same thing: traded sleep for hydration. I got in three liters of fluids between 2:00-7:00 AM. Actually I didn't get that much less sleep than before I was doing the all-night hydration.

This morning the mucous clearance ritual was much less violent, and brief! It probably took less than an hour to get all the mucous out of my throat.

My sinus infection continues to improve, albeit slowly. I'm 6 days into a 14-day course of antibiotics so plenty more opportunity for it to work. All the extra IV and home hydration should help that process - you need hydration so that the blood flow can reach the infected areas to deliver the antibiotic.

I think the sinus infection improvement is contributing to the mucous clearance improvement. It's those chunky yellow globs that are the most difficult to get out, and there are now fewer of them.

The easy morning led to a really good day. I'll take it.

I get the weekend off. Then radiation all next week and my last chemo on Tuesday. The second chemo went better than the first, so maybe the third chemo will be no big deal. It partially depends on what new radiation side effects might show up between now and then.

Then the following week just four days of radiation and I'M DONE!

Don't worry, there'll be plenty to tell as the residual radiation side effects occur and then subside. Then plenty more to tell as I begin to recover.

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