Sunday, May 12, 2013

Doing a Geographical

We already had plans to visit my good friend Bill in Hoboken, NJ over the weekend. Wonderful Wife and I decided to stick with the plan. There was nothing we could do about my diagnosis and the trip would be a good distraction - keep us from hanging around the house stewing in our worry all weekend. Plus The Progeny were excited to see Bill's kids and visit a playground they love in Central Park.

We left the playground just in time as a big thunderstorm arrived. We got to watch a fantastic lightning show over the Hudson River through our windshield while driving to Hoboken. Bill's son showed Progeny the Elder some new Minecraft tricks and we had a nice dinner and kicked around Hoboken in the evening. On the drive back to Boston we stopped at the Pez Factory and Dinosaur State Park. All good distractions. Mission accomplished.

I had thought I might give Bill the news during our visit but an opportunity never arose.

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