Friday, May 10, 2013

A Closer Look

[Written on May 28 from diary notes written May 10]

The otolaryngologist, Doctor B, is a calm, friendly, no-nonsense guy. I liked him immediately. Although in this situation any doctor who looks at me feels like a lifeline.

Doctor B lived up to the name of his specialty: he looked in ears, nose and throat in that order. He declared that my uvula, which was mentioned as possibly involved in the CT report, was clear. One piece of good news. Then he used a mirror to look down my throat at the base of my tongue. Very carefully, so I wouldn't yack on him. That was his term.

Yup. There’s a “swelling” at the base of my tongue, in the center. We’re going to need to do a biopsy.

He also mentioned that there was pus in my throat. I have had many sinus infections in my life so that wouldn’t be a surprise. He prescribed an antibiotic and seemed to hold out some hope that this was just an infection.

His next available date for the biopsy was May 21. Eleven days away - that feels too long. It’s also my birthday.

I filled the antibiotic prescription on the way home and took the first dose minutes later.

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